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Choose Municipality to Pay Fine

Highway Traffic Act

such as speeding.careless driving or not wearing your seatbelt

Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act

such as failing to surrender your insurance card, or possessing a fake or invalid insurance card

Liquor License Act

such as being intoxicated in a public place or selling alcohol to a minor

Trespass to Property Act

such as entering permises when entry is prohibited or failing to leave premises after being told to do so

By –Laws

such as infractions under noisw, smoking, property standards and animal care by-laws

About Payfines

Welcome to Payfines.ca - the fast, secure and convenient way that allows anyone charged with traffic fines to pay their offences online. Payfines.ca for traffic violations and provincial convictions enables you to pay your fines from work, home, kiosks or anywhere there is a connection to the Internet.

Payfines.ca makes the payment process convenient for everyone. It allows the consumer to spend their time in ways that matter instead of standing in lines while it also improves the collection process for municipalities. Payfines.ca expands customer service to 24 hours, 7 days a week and reduces clerical work associated with processing payments.

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